Sometimes Earth’s mightiest heroes can’t take on the bad guys all alone. Sometimes they need help…pinball help. And if that pinball action can come in three glorious dimensions, well, then that’s even better. Which brings me to the following announcement: Zen’s Marvel Pinball 3D is set to hit the Nintendo 3DS on June 28 through the eShop.

Already available through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Marvel Pinballoffers four tables featuring some of the world’s most famous heroes, complete with their own storyline, voice acting and Zen’s unique blend of real pinball physics mixed with animated components.

Assuming nothing crazy has happened in the translation to the 3DS, gamers on the go are in for a real treat once Marvel Pinball 3D drops later this week. All four tables offer a quality pinball experience and, now in 3D, chances are pretty good that that experience is only going to get better.

You may be wondering which tables you’ll be playing once the game launches on the eShop this Thursday. Well, here’s the lowdown:

First up is the Iron Man table. Play as billionaire Tony Stark and use the table to help Iron Man don his famous suit in order to battle such foes as the Mandarin, Whiplash and Ultimo.

Next up is the Blade table, my personal favorite from the lot. Join Blade and teammate Hannibal King as they go toe-to-toe with Deacon Frost and a horde of bloodsucking monstrosities. You’ll need to regenerate Blade’s strength while the suns out because, once the table shifts to nighttime, you’ll find yourself in an all-out war against the creatures of the night.

And what Marvel game would be complete without an appearance from the golden boy himself, Captain America? On his table, players will work alongside the Howling Commandos to destroy Baron Zemo and the Red Skull, all the while battling for control of the Cosmic Cube.

Finally, Marvel’s first family joins the fray on the Fantastic Four table. Use the table to unite Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing in order to overthrow Doctor Doom.

While Zen has not made any official announcements, the console versions of Marvel Pinball have added a boatload of additional tables featuring the likes off Wolverine, Ghost Rider and The Avengers. So the potential for future DLC is certainly there. For the time being, though, these four initial tables should do a nice job of keeping you busy through the summer months.

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