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BioWare's being very helpful to journalists on a relatively slow news day. A couple hours after announcing the release date to Mass Effect 2's Firewalker DLC, they've done the same with Kasumi's Stolen Memory.

Stolen Memory adds a new squadmate, mission, Achievement, weapon, and research upgrade. The new squadmate, Kasumi, is said to be a master thief. They don't mention whether you'll get to boink her like all your other companions, though. It'll arrive on April 6th.

Unlike previous DLC for ME2, Kasumi isn't free. The exact price has yet to be announced. You'll probably pay at least $5, though.

Oh, and if you're looking for more outfits for your other party members - okay, you're probably not - then BioWare's got your back. They announced an Alternate Appearance Pack today that will add alternate costumes for Thane, Jack and Garrus. It's 160 MS Points ($2) to download and will be available on March 23rd, the same day as Firewalker.

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