Commander Shepard's third adventure won't be out until next year. However, it's possible you'll get to try Mass Effect 3 out before 2011 is over. BioWare is considering a demo for the sci-fi RPG.

"Stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months," ME3 game director Casey Hudson tweeted this weekend.

ME3, once planned for the end of 2011, is now slated for an early March release. It may be too optimistic to expect the demo during the fall. BioWare would probably like to release it reasonably close (ie within a month) to the game's launch just to make sure players don't forget about it.

It's also possible the demo won't be out before the game. ME2 did receive a demo but it arrived five months after the game made its Xbox 360/PC debut. The demo was released through PSN a month before the PS3 version of the full game, though, so there's hope.

The ME2 demo featured three missions from the full game. It was estimated to total about 90 minutes of gameplay. A similar size wouldn't be unexpected. The key components of the game are the morality-based dialogue choices and the third-person action so you'll no doubt get to sample a bit of both.

In ME3, Earth is under assault from a mysterious and ancient race known as the Reapers. Shepard and his team must gather reinforcements from the various races of the galaxy and combat the invaders. Watching Shepard's every step is Cerberus, the shadowy human supremacist organization.

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