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The rumored Earth DLC for Mass Effect 3 is apparently just a few days away. Major Nelson revealed that the multiplayer add-on will hit Xbox Live on July 17th for free.

The Earth DLC was detailed by an anonymous tipster in early June. It's said to have three new co-op maps that take place in Vancouver, Rio and London. Players will have access to six new human character types (Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow and Fury) and three weapons (Pirahna assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol and Typhon light machine gun). BioWare hasn't officially confirmed this information, though, so it might not be totally accurate.

Considering the amount of content this DLC pack will add to the game, it's surprising BioWare isn't charging anything. They gave away the previous multiplayer DLC, Rebellion, for free as well. Other companies would ask you to fork over $10 for this type of content. It's worth keeping in mind when you flock to their forums to shout obscenities at them about the whole ending brouhaha.

ME3 DLC rumors are cropping up all over the place. BioWare is said to be making a single-player add-on called Leviathan as well. Maybe they'll charge for that content?

In related news, BioWare announced they're hosting another special multiplayer event for ME3 this weekend. Operation Broadside will task players with winning a match against the Reapers on Gold difficulty. The wider player community is tasked with finishing 400,000 matches against Reapers on any difficulty. You'll get reward packs for achieving both goals. The community goal will also increase participating players' medi-gel cap from 5 to 6.