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This weekend's Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event is a bit more exciting than most. Operation Patriot, which runs from September 21st to September 23rd, will provide players with a chance at a new weapon unlock for co-op.

The community goal for Operation Patriot is to kill 600,000 Atlas Mechs. Atlas kills on any map and any difficulty will apply to this total. The squad goal is to finish a match with all players as the same non-human race. You'll need two or more players in your squad to complete this achievement.

While working toward these goals, players will have to deal with slower than usual escort drones. Dynamic escort missions were introduced to the game with the free Earth DLC.

Completing the allied and squad goals will earn you a Victory Pack and Commendation Pack, respectively. You'll also, for the first time, be able to earn an Argus Assault Rifle. This close-range weapon, favored by C-sec officers, was previously exclusive to the campaign.

BioWare also took the time to compile another inforgraphic with multiplayer community stats. Since the Earth DLC was released, over 1 trillion credits have been spent by players, and 13.4 million Brutes have been killed. For the full statistical run-down, check out the thumbnail below.

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