Gaming hardware maker Razer will be selling several Mass Effect 3-branded peripherals, including a mouse and keyboard. Today they officially revealed the product line with photos and a trailer.

Purchasing these peripherals will unlock the Collector Assault Rifle for use in the game. However, like the bonus DLC included with the ME3 artbook and action figures, it's only available for the PC and Xbox 360 versions.

"The Collector Assault Rifle uses the same principles as a human assault rifle, but its organic components clearly set it apart," reads the description of this bonus weapon. "Its power source appears to be an internal organ with biotic capacitance; its ammunition resembles pellets of metallic enamel that strip shields off enemies with deadly efficiency."

Here's the full list of peripherals now available for pre-order:
  • BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard - $139.99
  • Imperator mouse - $79.99
  • Vespula mousepad - $34.99
  • Chimaera 5.1 wireless gaming headset - $209.99
  • Onza Tournament Edition wireless Xbox 360 controller - $59.99
  • Mass Effect 3 Edition messenger bag - $79.99
  • iPhone 4 Protection Case - $24.99
Razer's online store lists the release date for these handhelds as March 16th.

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