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Update: A reader pointed out that Amazon UK has PS4, Xbox and PC listings of the game as well. These listings feature different box art that actually have the title Mass Effect 4 in them. Check them out in the gallery at the bottom of the article.

Original article: Mass Effect 4 made an abrupt appearance on Amazon today. The retailer is now listing the game for both Xbox One and PS4.

Don't get too excited. They're placeholder listings, and lazy ones at that. Look at the box art for each version:

PS4 box art for Mass Effect 4

Xbox One box art for Mass Effect 4

What is that, Arial font? C'mon, at least pick something a little futuristic. Or take a minute to Photoshop in the Mass Effect logo. Here, I did it for you:

Mass Effect 4 mock box art

Now that's placeholder art. Just looking at it makes me excited for whatever the hell Mass Effect 4 is going to be. I'm pumped to lead Commander Whoever and his team of mystery peeps to save the Galaxy/Planet/Busstop from certain destruction/invasion/inconvenience.

The Amazon listings mention a release date of December 31st, 2014. This is a ballpark estimate. Not to keep crapping on a listing that took someone four minutes to make, but it's a poor guess too. We've seen zero gameplay footage from the game. BioWare hasn't even announced the official title yet. In fact, as of May, they hadn't decided on a title internally. It's unrealistic to expect the game this year.

You can't even pre-order through these product pages yet. That goes to show you how far away this game is; publishers usually can't wait to get you to pre-order. All you can do so far is sign up for alerts on the product or add it to your wish list.

Mass Effect 4 made a pseudo-appearance at EA's E3 press conference last week. BioWare showed off a trailer in which development team members talked about working on the game but revealed no details on the project. On the plus side, the video did contain a few pieces of concept art.

Still, the game's not just a few pieces of art at this point. BioWare revealed at the end of 2013 that the game's already in playable form.

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