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For fans of the Mass Effect series, if you were really stoked to get your hands on the new Mass Effect: Andromeda game this year, well that won’t be happening, according to the EA CFO behind the game.

According to a Neogaf post, in a recording of a press conference at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, the CFO said,
We have our Mirror's Edge runner game this first quarter, and then we have Mass Effect, which is a sci-fi action game, in our fourth quarter. So big year ahead and we're pretty excited.

With a somewhat officially-confirmed release date for the new Mass Effect game, gamers can rest with ease knowing it is definitely happening. The post on NeoGaf, posted by Quentyn, said,
EA's CFO just said it is Q4 game for them which means calendar Q1 2017.

So it’s safe to say we can expect the new Mass Effect in early 2017. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

There isn’t too much known about the new Mass Effect game yet, except that developers don’t want people to think of this as Mass Effect 4 and that the story will be totally new in the Mass Effect Universe. The game was announced at last year’s E3 and is being developed by Bioware.

I have sadly never played a Mass Effect game, but I have heard so many good things about the franchise and the fans are so loyal and passionate about the game’s content. Some have laughed at the fact I’ve never played because there is such an emphasis on story in the Mass Effect series, and everyone knows me for my obsession with narrative in video games. Hopefully Bioware can continue to deliver the same kind of gameplay to keep the fans happy. It’s always difficult catering to such a strong and passionate fan base because if you do something wrong, they’ll be the first ones to notice and will never let you forget about it.

If you want more information on the game, you can visit the official website.