New information has emerged about Max Payne 3 that details a little bit about a few of the things gamers have been wondering about for a while, including Max’s beer-gut, his stay in Brazil as well as his new bullet-time abilities.

In a detailed interview with IGN, Rockstar’s Rob Nelson split his lips to spill a smorgasbord of information to the gaming information giant. Following up on the expansive story trailer for Max Payne 3, Nelson reveals some of the following regarding the setting…
Max accepts an offer by a colleague from his days back at the police academy, a guy called Raul Passos. Passos convinces him that there's work for him in executive security in Sao Paulo, putting his skills to good use protecting people against the criminal elements there, including gangs and para-military forces.

Max and Passos work for a man named Rodrigo Branco, the patriarch of a wealthy and influential Sao Paulo family with ties to the city's political and social scene. When Rodrigo's wife, Fabiana, is kidnapped and held for ransom, Max finds himself caught up in a tangled mess, much darker and more sinister than it appears on the surface, and compounded by the fact that Max is a foreigner who does not speak the language and is very much out of his depth.

A cool returning feature to the series is the graphic novel story elements. Things will continue to be told using comic panels, save this time around Rockstar is exploring motion-comic panels this time around to help further bring the action and drama to life.

As for the elephant in the room…Max Payne’s unsettling looking beer gut is a result of alcoholism. Max’s appearance is said to change throughout the course of the game, including flash-backs and various timeline alterations. Of course, due to Max’s depression and bad life scenarios it’s inevitable that the alcohol results in Max developing that unsightly mound below his chest.

Nelson also drops a few hints about the Bullet-Time mechanics, saying…
Max's signature Bullet Time moves are back, but upgraded with the level of sophistication and detail that we can bring to an action game in 2011. A combination of our RAGE engine, blended animations and Natural Motion's Euphoria system control Max's movements, making him react to the world around him realistically, bracing for impact from a diving shoot-dodge or transferring his weight from foot-to-foot while in Bullet Time – the player has an amazing amount of control over the player when running and targeting.

For those of you unfamiliar with the RAGE or Euphoria engine, they basically coincide together to give gamers an amazingly detailed and unpredictable series of results for anything physics-based, including character animations and reactions. It was easily one of the best elements of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Nelson goes on to say that there will also be new features annexed to the standard Bullet-Time mechanics that will be revealed at a later date.

But at least now we all know why Max Payne has a gut, what his Bullet-Time will be like and that he goes to Brazil to pick up hot women.

Max Payne 3 is due out next year for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can check out the entire interview over at IGN.
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