Rockstar intends to support Max Payne 3 long after its launch. Today they confirmed to series fans that will be releasing downloadable content for the upcoming third-person shooter.

"As for future looking downloadable content, it’s a bit early yet for us to confirm exactly what shape Max Payne 3 DLC might take as we’re still in the planning stages for that, but yes we do plan to support Max Payne 3 with content post-release to properly extend the game experience for fans," said Rockstar during a community Q&A.

MP3 is the first game in the series with multiplayer. At least two DLC packs will be available at launch that added to this online component. The Classic Multiplayer Character Pack and Disorderly Conduct Weapons Pack will both be included in the Special Edition available to pre-order customers.

It's possible that the game could receive single-player DLC as well. Many developers seem averse to adding content to the "offline" side of a game but Rockstar's not one of them. They released new campaigns for Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption after their release.

MP3 will launch on May 15th in North America and on the 18th in Europe.

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