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Outlast 2 has been shrouded in a kind of unrelenting secrecy since it sent out its first teased video, and left horror fans rummaging around for clues or some kind of explanation. Even the recent gameplay videos only showed so much, but we still couldn’t see our character or the enemies. But now developer Red Barrels has released information on a brand new character, a preacher. 

Meet Sullivan Knoth. Red Barrels wrote up a long post of information about the character, but what we do know is he’s a character who is truly obsessed with the idea of God, but he’s no golden boy. Knoth came from humble and disturbing beginnings, but grew himself into some sort of prophet for the Lord, gaining a following along the way. He moved his cult to a ranch where things truly started to get sick and twisted. 

Sullivan encouraged all the women of his flock to breed frequently, even generously offering his own seed to the cause. He personally delivered each baby, guided by a secret purpose vital to mankind's salvation. It was the home births that gave New Mexico police the legal authority to crack down on the cult. With a warrant for health and safety violations, police raided Degan's ranch and arrested a dozen cult members. Knoth barely escaped with a handful of followers.

Seeming like he had just stepped out of a bible verse, Knoth climbed a mountain to have a personal conversation with God to try and figure out what he should do to save the...cult. He claims God told him he would help him in exchange for one of his eyeballs, so of course Knoth agreed and took out a knife and cut out his eye. That was the moment he saw the future of the cult buried in the woods away from society. And that’s where he and his flock would continue their practices. 

The post leaves you in a state of discontent because you want to know more. Obviously, the setting for the game is this new location hidden deep in the woods with a bunch of regular crazies carrying out horrifying crimes against outsiders. And while the origin story is as chilling as it is, it’s hard to imagine just how terrifying gameplay is going to be. 

If you’d like more information on Outlast 2, you can visit the official website

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