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Want to see more of Mercs Inc., the upcoming multiplayer Mercenaries game? Instead of rewatching that leaked video from last fall, check out this treasure trove of concept art that Blend Games found.

The art was hidden amidst the large online portfolio of Pandemic Studios concept artist Tony Ianiro. The pictures, below, are small sketches of potential maps for the game.

"This is an example of my level thumbnail process I used for Merc’s Inc," wrote Ianiro. "The look of the game was 'very realistic.' I was asked to come up with Level Ideas. These take me about two to three hours to complete. They are just trying to get across what that level would look and feel like."

Ianiro also worked on military shooters Mercenaries 2 and Full Spectrum Warrior so it's possible one or two pieces from those games are mixed in. A lot of the locations depicted in the art - a submarine base, a crash site on a snowy mountainside, a nuclear power plant - don't look much like anything from either of those titles, though.

Pandemic's Los Angeles studio was shut down by late last year. The "core creative team" from Pandemic now operates out of EA Los Angeles and Mercs Inc. is their supposed first project. Platforms weren't officially announced for the game but Ianiro's portfolio states that it will appear on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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