The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance won't be completely identical, after all. Konami announced today that the PS3 edition of the hack-and-slash game will receive an exclusive batch of Virtual Reality missions.

The VR missions will test players' skill at combat, stealth and other aspects of the game. They'll even be able to control a Dwarf Gekko, a little three-armed cyborg you may have seen in earlier trailers. There are 30 missions in total for PS3 gamers to tackle.

These missions aren't just about completing objectives. Players will be challenged to rack up high scores in these trials. The top-scorers will be showcased on leaderboards.

Konami clarified on the PlayStation.Blog that this content isn't merely included on the game disc. Users will have to download it separately. The price wasn't mentioned.

The PS3 exclusivity for this DLC only applies to North America. Xbox 360 owners elsewhere in the world will probably get their hands on these missions as well, then.

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