North America will be receiving different box art for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance than Japan. The American box art is more action-packed than its Japanese counterpart and should command more attention on store shelves.

In the box art, Raiden has slashed a cyborg in half. He's looking right at us through the whole created by his attack. His sword isn't as visible as it is in the Japanese art but you do get a better glimpse at his cyber-ninja armor.

Slicing up robots is a key part of the game. Raiden can enter a slow-motion "Blade mode" and queue up multiple sword attacks on an enemy. This allows him to strike enemies in weak points, destroy their cover, or deflect attacks.

Revengeance will be available worldwide in February. It'll be a PS3 exclusive in Japan, but an Xbox 360 verson will be available in other territories.

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