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Konami has unveiled the official box art for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in Japan. It turns out that designing box art for a game is a pretty simple task when the main character is a cybernetic ninja.

The box art shows Raiden holding his high-frequency blade - a super-powered katana, essentially - at the ready. The blade deserves a spot in the box art because, in addition to looking cool, it's at the center of one of the game's main features. In Revengeance, Raiden can slow time and slash up enemies at lightning speed.

The Western cover art for the game hasn't been released yet. I can't imagine it'll be that much different. Whatever box art they use for North America and Europe will no doubt look incredible because, again, cybernetic ninja.

Revengeance will hit North America on February 19th. The European and Japanese debut is slated for the 21st.

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