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All right, so the big reveal at this year's VGAs was none other than Konami's Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance. The reveal trailer was completely over the top and full of action, however one thing bothered many-a-gamer...it was being developed by PlatinumGames.

A very, very lengthy developer documentary was released to fully explain the collaboration behind the newest Metal Gear and why Kojima Productions could no longer continue working on the game on their own. I'm warning you now, though, it's lengthy...really, really, really lengthy. Lengthy enough that you'll want to carve out some time and leave everything else in the closet if you plan on watching it right now. In fact, you might want to grab a snack, prop up some pillows and kick your feet up because you'll be here for a while.

Whew, that's finally over, eh? If you cheated and decided not to watch the whole thing this spoiler sums it all up: Kojima Productions became overwhelmed with trying to do a stealth-action game focused on giving gamers the ability to cut through anything. Kojima was not pleased with his team's performance. He out-sourced to PlatinumGames who were conveniently free at the time. PG has a very, very fast development rate and they focus on fast-paced action games. Kojima and crew didn't want all the elements of Metal Gear lost to PG's over-the-top action so they keep them in check with just how far out Rising will go with its action. Both teams are learning from one another and the story is still being handled by Kojima's crew with the action mostly being handled by PlatinumGames. A match made in Japan.

In the end, I can only imagine that gamers really do win out with this collaboration. I can't wait to see more of the game and for all the naysayers, just know that without PlatinumGames Metal Gear Rising wouldn't even exist. So, there you have it.

Need more info? I doubt it, because if you do need more info then you obviously didn't watch all 25 minutes of that dev doc (but who can blame you?). But if you just want to see what Konami's website looks like you can check it out here.
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