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Konami will be re-releasing Metal Gear Solid 4 to stores. Two retail chains in the UK now have listings for a Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition. They state that this special package will arrive on November 30th.

Both Zavvi and ShopTo list the game's price as £19.99, around $30 US. There's no mention of what's included besides the game itself. The extras, if any, must be limited if the retailers' pricing is accurate.

Metal Gear Solid 4 picks up five years after the events of MGS2. Snake's body is deteriorating and may only have months to live. However, he's got one last job: to kill his nemesis Liquid Snake.

When the game launched back in 2008, it shipped with Metal Gear Online. MGO was a full-fledged Metal Gear multiplayer experience, with players testing their combat and stealth skills against each other in a variety of mode. Konami shut down MGO in June so don't expect to see it in this 25th anniversary bundle.

Re-released versions of games often come with all of the post-launch DLC included. They can't do that with Metal Gear Solid 4, though. All of the DLC that Konami released was for Metal Gear Online.

MGS4 returned to stores in Japan this summer with a Trophy patch and full install option. It seems plausible that the 25th Anniversary Edition will have these same features. We'll have to wait and see if that's all this bundle can offer.