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IGN managed to get an exclusive stream of the multiplayer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The video runs through the same mission that was showcased at this year's E3, as Naked Snake infiltrates a camp in Afghanistan, taking down bad guys and recovering goods along the way. However, the video switches gears near the end and we get to see a bit of the PvP and asynchronous multiplayer features on display for a few minutes.

The first 16 minutes of the video are a throwaway unless you want to re-watch what was already showcased at this year's E3. It's made known that the game is running in full HD at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The Xbox One version of the game is destined to be 720p at 60 frames per second... unless Microsoft steps in with their own engineers and boost up the resolution at the cost of frame-rate, ala Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

But as mentioned, the majority of the video is a retread of the E3 footage, with the exception that it's more-so focused on some of the changes that occur at different times of the day. For instance, just because it's in the middle of the night doesn't actually make the infiltration easier, since there's a helicopter patrol and a lot of lights in the area that expose places where Snake could potentially hide.

For instance, Snake hides in a trash can after blowing out the generator, but is spotted by the guard since a gun poking out of the lid looks mighty suspicious to most folks.

We also get to see how the Fulton device can be used as a weapon, with Snake working his way up to earning the title of Big Boss by blowing up a military grade attack copter by Fultoning a jeep. If it sounds like something out of a Stallone flick, well that's because it seems like something out of a Stallone flick.

The end of the demo finally gets to the multiplayer and it's not quite what you would expect. It's an asynchronous experience where players can attack the bases of other players, but they may not always be there.

We had a small taste of this mode at the very end of the E3 demo, but here we get to see how stealing supplies and recruiting teammates by taking from another player's stash can be an exhilarating and unique task all its own. This could create a very deep meta-game if the multiplayer catches on.

In order to prevent players from invading your own base, you'll need to upgrade the platforms, add security measures, cameras and armament to protect your stash. This means you'll need to play the game and play the game a lot to accrue enough funds to deck out your base.

I'm definitely curious to see more of this mode and I am a bit leery as to whether or not what we're seeing is just a lead-on and the actual multiplayer will be a lot more restricted and ho-hum than how it's portrayed in the videos.

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