4A Games provided a new trailer for Metro: Last Light today entitled "Genesis." In the trailer, a narrator recites slightly modified Bible verses as we're shown various scenes from the post-apocalyptic shooter.

Metro: Last Light, like predecessor Metro 2033, takes place decades after a devastating nuclear war. The city of Moscow has been reduced to ruins, and a small number of survivors now live in makeshift towns in the metro tunnels. The tunnels contain many dangers, including mutants and militant factions of survivors.

Players will also get opportunities to journey above ground. The trailer has plenty of footage of above ground exploration. The surface isn't much safer than the tunnels. In addition to radiation and ruins, it's also crawling with some rather fierce mutants.

Last Light is expected early next year. If you haven't tried Metro 2033 yet, note that you can download it for free through Facebook for the next few days.

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