THQ unveiled a live-action video entitled Enter The Metro today. The brief video is an introduction to Metro: Last Light, sequel to post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033.

In the Metro series, a nuclear war has all but wiped out the world. A small number of people in Moscow avoided the destruction by seeking shelter in the city's extensive mass transit tunnels, though. Over the years, they developed a small civilization underground.

This trailer focuses on the day that the bombs dropped. Civilians scramble to get inside the tunnels while soldiers try to keep order. The film manages to make a really strong emotional impact even in such a small timeframe. Watching these civilians run for their lives made me tense.

At one point in the video a baby is brought into the tunnels by a soldier. The video seems to imply that this person is the protagonist of the game. The video flashes forward twenty years to see him standing at the entrance to the tunnels and looking out at the ruins of Moscow.

Last Light is expected sometime in 2013. That's about all we know about the game thus far.

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