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Four new titles have been rotated in for the Club Nintendo Rewards program in May, including some old school Metroid, Mario Kart and Kirby, as well as some Brain Age goodness for those who want to give the grey matter a mild workout.

Each month, Nintendo introduces a brand new lineup of Virtual Console and eShop games for Reward program participants to get in exchange for Coins. You get these coins by registering your various Nintendo products, including consoles and games both physical and digital. Taking part in surveys also nets you some additional coins, etc. etc. etc. A bunch of physical goodies like game cases, posters, postcards and the like are also up for grab with Coins, but new additions to that list come out at a much slower rate.

As for May, four new titles have been added to the Club Nintendo Rewards lineup, and by “new” I mean “actually, pretty old.” That shouldn’t be a bummer, though, since all four of this month’s games are actually pretty rad in their own right.

Let’s start things off by taking a gander at the Wii U games for the month, beginning with what many consider to be the best Metroid game in the series, Super Metroid. This Wii U Virtual Console of the SNES classic is a direct port, offering all of the same jumping, spinning and shooting action players remember from the good old days, now playable on you Wii U through the TV or game pad. Super Metroid can be yours for 200 Coins and, like all four of these games, it’ll be available through Club Nintendo until June 8.

Perfectly timed for the impending launch of a new Mario Kart game is Mario Kart 64 for the Wii U. Get behind the wheel with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and the rest of the gang in order to tackle loads of classic races and versus competitions. This one will set you back 250 Coins.

Over to the 3DS rewards for the month and things begin bright and shiny with the 3D classics version of Kirby’s Adventure. With a couple of new tweaks such as an easier save system and high score tracker, the NES’ Kirby’s Adventure has never looked so good, offering up all of its platforming goodness with a third dimension in tow, all for 200 Coins.

Finally for May there’s the 3DS game Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters. Test your quick thinking skills and artistic talents with this slimmed down entry in the Brain Age series for 200 Coins.

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