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Microsoft Bans Halo Branded Bullets

Video game violence is quite prevalent. There are guns in just about every other game out there that isn't a non-character based puzzle title. So, quite naturally an ammunition supply company decided to release their own Halo-branded bullets and the connection between video games and real life bullet branding did not sit well with the heads at Microsoft at all.

Neowin is reporting on a story that was brought to the attention of Kotaku, where US ammunition company Liberty Ammunition was discovered to be using hollow-point bullets with a Halo branded logo. They were, of course, doing so without the endorsement or consent from Microsoft.

Microsoft was quick to send out a general PR response regarding the matter, stating...

Microsoft does not have a licensing agreement with Liberty Ammunition, or any gun or weapons manufacturer, and the company does not have permission to use "Halo" branding on any of its products. When we discovered the unauthorized use last fall, Microsoft contacted Liberty Ammunition to demand removal of all "Halo" branding from its products and advertising, to which Liberty Ammunition agreed. Microsoft is following up again to ensure full compliance.

Ouch. Too bad for Liberty Ammunition.

With all the mass shootings going on it's not too surprising Microsoft would want to nip that kind of brand infringement in the butt. I mean, could you imagine how many angry mothers would be up in arms about banning violent video games if any of the shootings that occurred were done so using Halo branded hollow point rounds? We could pretty much kiss violent video games goodbye in mainstream...there would be all sorts of restrictions and regulations put in place by crusty old men with $1.25 haircuts.

Since Microsoft made the announcement and asked Liberty Ammunition to stop using the Halo bullets, the company has since pulled the product. Score one for video games dodging a PR-nightmare bullet on that one.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.