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Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9 is almost here. Producer Keiji Inafune announced in a new video update that the development team is wrapping up their work on the run and gun game.

"We're pretty much finished, and from now we'll be heading into the porting and promotion stage," Inafune said. "We hope all of you can help us out! We'll be burning the midnight oil over here and working hard everyday all the way to launch.

"Thank you for all of your continued support! We'll do our best!"

Porting Mighty No. 9 to additional platforms isn't a trivial task. Comcept was originally conceived as a PC game but the developers are now planning to release the game on Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and PlayStation Vita as well. They added all of these platforms to the game because their Kickstarter campaign hit numerous stretch goals.

Mighty No. 9 is inspired by the Mega Man series created by Inafune. A computer virus has caused robots throughout the world to become violent. The player is Beck, the only robot that hasn't been infected by the virus. They'll battle through multiple stages with bosses at the end. Along the way, Beck will become more powerful by acquiring weapons and abilities from enemies.

The game raised over $4 million through Kickstarter and PayPal. The huge amount of money donated by consumers, along with the Mega Man pedigree, means that there's a lot of pressure on Comcept to deliver a great game. I hope that Mighty No. 9 lives up to the high expectations.

To Comcept's credit, they've been giving players a chance to test Mighty No. 9 before launch. They invited players into the beta this fall. This has two big benefits. First, the beta gives backers and non-backers alike a chance to see more of the game and find out whether it's for them. Second, this testing will provide the development team with feedback that could help them make the game better by launch.

Most of the Mighty No. 9's news to date have been posted on their Kickstarter page. However, starting this month they'll be using the game's official website as their primary way of communicating with players. They promise three updates per month on that website from now until the game's release this spring.

"Once a month we’ll post a digest on Kickstarter with links to the previous month’s updates, as well as a preview for the first update of the current month. In addition, any 9th, 19th or 29th update that would fall on a weekend or Japanese holiday will be moved to the subsequent weekday," the studio said in their final 2014 news post.