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Minecraft players on Xbox 360 and PS3 still have a long wait ahead of them for Title Update 14. Developer 4J Studios says that they still have a lot of things to do before the patch can be released.

Title Update 14 will allow players to dye armor or the collars of domesticated wolves. They can also trade with NPC villagers. Anvils will enable them to repair, enchant or rename their weapons and tools. 4J showed off the UI for these new features with a screenshot last week.

Players will also find many new objects out in the world, ranging from emeralds to carrots to enchanted books. A carrot can be used with a fishing rod to create a "carrot on a stick," which allows the player to control a saddled pig. New environment blocks include quartz stairs, carpets and sandstone. Random structures like jungle temples and desert villages will give those biomes a bit more variety.

Some fans have noticed that there's a painting of the Wither boss in one of the early TU14 screenshots. This three-headed monster was introduced on the PC and Mac with the Pretty Scary Update. It's the second boss enemy introduced in Minecraft, the first being Enderdragon. Players summon the Wither by gathering soul sand and Wither Skeleton skulls. Once the monster's been summoned, it tries to kill you and everyone you love. Good times.

It's believed that Title Update 14 will also add adventure mode. Adventure mode restricts players from breaking most blocks unless they have specific tools. Many builders find adventure mode useful in constructing more scripted "adventure maps," because it prevents players from just smashing everything instead of playing the map as intended. You can also play a normal survival game with adventure mode, though it's much harder. Surviving in adventure mode usually requires you to seek out NPC villages for shelter. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners are hoping this mode is included with TU14 but 4J Studios hasn't confirmed either way.

Whenever the patch arrives, it will be accompanied by some DLC. 4J plans to release both City and Candy Saga Texture Packs. The PS3 version of Minecraft will also get the Plastic Texture Pack previously released on Xbox 360. There's also a possibility that the first PlayStation-exclusive DLC will be rolled out.
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