DICE and Electronic Arts rolled out the details on the very expensive Collector's Edition for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, the prequel to the moderate selling but critically acclaimed parkour game, Mirror's Edge. The Collector's Edition of the game clocks in at the no-laughing-price of $199.99.

All Games Beta has a detailed rundown of the Collector's Edition, which EA and DICE are selling in limited quantities for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. According to the press release the Mirror's Edge: Catalyst bundle will contain a two-sided diorama featuring a young and older Faith – the main protagonist from the game. Faith, as an adult, sits on one side of the diorama looking all tough and cool, while a smaller version of herself sits on the opposite side. It's pretty cool that she's looking through a cracked window/mirror. The Faith statue clocks in at 14 inches, so it's quite large.

There's a steel book, but I'm not really sure what's in the steel book other than that it's a still book. Additionally there's a lithograph and there are concept images also included in the Collector's Edition, containing a look at Faith moving fast and furiously through the sleek, contemporary, minimalist cityscape. Gamers and collectors alike will also be able to deck themselves out with temporary tattoos.

All of these goodies will be contained within a giant Collector's box that contains the Mirror's Edge symbol cutout with a red overlay.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is scheduled to launch in 2016 but we still don't know a whole lot about the game. There have been a lot of discussions surrounding the title especially in regards to the all new open-world design where Faith will be able to get around the town in anyway that she sees fit.

Some people have reservations about the open-world approach because even though DICE has said that they are giving players a lot of options in how they can complete objectives in the game, there's a fear that many of the routes will be about taking the same quick route from one objective to the next as opposed to facing different and unique challenges. Of course, it's an unfounded criticism because we have no idea right now how the open-world design will look, much less how it'll play.

Another big issue of contention has centered around the game's combat system and weapons. While DICE has said that they didn't want to include the ability for Faith to use guns, I always liked having the option in the first game to shoot at people and then drop the gun and take off running. But that was just me. The team have also said that opposite of the first Mirror's Edge they'll be simplifying the controls in combat... instead of having to memorize and time attacks players will just press the 'X' button to down foes and then they can move on and keep running.

The one-button attack feature has been scrutinized from top to bottom because some feel this could simplify the game down to the same level of ease as Assassin's Creed. Until we really see it in action I'll reserve judgment, but I always thought the complex fighting in the first Mirror's Edge was cool because it was rewarding having to actually learn how to take down foes competently. I guess we'll see what it looks like as the game draws closer to release next year.

The Collector's Edition for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is available right now for pre-order.
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