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The long wait for the second Mirror's Edge is getting even longer. DICE announced today that they've had to push back Mirror's Edge Catalyst's release date by a few months.

Unlike the first Mirror's Edge, Mirror's Edge Catalyst doesn't restrict players to linear levels. It's an open-world game that players can freely explore without loading screens. Sara Jansson, senior producer for Catalyst, explained on the game's website that this new open-ended structure takes awhile to get right:
Years ago, we set out an ambitious vision for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Achieving that vision and delivering the best possible experience is equally inspiring and challenging. And it takes time. We set out to create a vast city to explore, full of stunning vistas, majestic skyscrapers, and mysterious tunnels. We’re building the most immersive action-adventure game with fluid movement and combat in first person. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be an all-new playground with a deeper and more engaging story - and we want to accomplish all these goals to the highest quality possible.

So we’ve made the decision to bring Mirror’s Edge to the world starting May 24, 2016. We will use these few extra months to make sure that when you step into the massive City of Glass and experience the rise of Faith, it’s as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be.

The original release date for Mirror's Edge Catalyst was February 23rd. The delay sucks but three months is a drop in the bucket compared to how long we've been waiting for a new Mirror's Edge. The original game came out way back in 2008, after all.

Faith in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Frankly, I'm just glad there's a sequel coming. The first Mirror's Edge was a solid game but didn't sell all that well. Even though EA and DICE kept reassuring us that a second game would happen, I never really believed it. Mirror's Edge, to me, was in the same situation as Jade Empire: a game that deserved a sequel but wouldn't get one because the developer had more lucrative options. I just assumed that EA would make DICE focus on cranking out Battlefield games considering how much money they bring in.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is set in a dystopian future in which all citizens are tightly controlled and monitored by the government. Faith is a courier who delivers secret packages that her clients don't want the government to know about. She traverse the city on the rooftops by using her parkour skills. She has some hand-to-hand combat training but her best choice when confronted by enemies is usually to avoid them altogether. Unlike the past game, Catalyst won't let players use enemy's guns.

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