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Like the first Modern Warfare 2 map pack, the Resurgence Package will hit the PC and PS3 a month later than the Xbox 360. Today Infinity Ward announced the exact date.

The Resurgence Package will be released for PCs worldwide on July 6th. That's the same day that the DLC will hit PS3's in the US. PS3 owners in other territories will have to wait until July 7th.

When the Xbox 360 received the Resurgence Package, it was accompanied by a double XP weekend. Such an event wasn't announced for the PC/PS3 release but expect it anyway. It's what they did with the Stimulus Package's launch, after all.

Five new maps are added to the game by the DLC. Three are completely original while two are based off Call of Duty 4 maps. It'll cost you $15 to download.

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