A new profile and set of screenshots have been released for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo Wii U. The screenshots focus on the Lagombi monster which seems to be a mix between a rabbit, a koala and a bear. Of course, don't let those cute and cuddly looks fool you, the Lagombi is a vicious, deadly beast.

The new profile and screenshots come courtesy of Capcom's Unity blog. The profile offers up some great tips for players who have not played Monster Hunter 3 yet, detailing a few of the ways players can take down the Lagombi, mentioning...
In order for you to survive the Tundra’s environments, you’ll need to defeat the Lagombi… and bring Hot Drinks. With its aforementioned shell, the Lagombi can slide away from you, towards you, and even in a circular motion to trap you in place. You’ll either need to run fast or be quick with your guarding – both options require Stamina, which will deplete faster if you stay out in the cold for too long; so again: Hot Drinks.

Some additional advice includes buying Sonic Bombs from the local merchants. Why Sonic Bombs? Well, the Lagombi has large, sensitive ears and using the ear-shattering explosive devices can stall or hamper the movements of the Lagombi.

There's no preferred weapon for the Lagombi, but staying warm and maintaining stamina is definitely a strong requirement for battling the beast located in the chilly territory.

You can check out the new screenshots for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate below. The game is set for release on the Nintendo Wii U this upcoming spring. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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