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More big games are inbound for Nintendo's little Wii U... the next-gen console that could. Capcom will be bringing the monster hunting RPG to Nintendo and Sony's consoles this fall in Japan. The new info comes courtesy of one of Japan's most trusted gaming magazines.

Nintendo Everything caught word of Famitsu's announcement that Capcom will be bringing Monster Hunter Frontier G to the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation 3 later this year. The game will launch in Japan for the PS3 on November 20th and it will be made available for the Wii U starting December 11th.

Nintendo has been catching all sorts of flak for not expanding and extending their software library for the Wii U, with the Dorito Pope laying into Big Daddy Reggie at E3 like he was taking a bite out of a delicious, beefy ham sandwich. However, Nintendo has countered this criticism by opening their doors to more indies and lessening their restrictions on certification and concept approval processes.

The bid for third-party support for the Wii U via indie devs appears to be paying off for the Big 'N', as games like Teslagrad, Amikrog and Monochroma are scheduled to appear on the Wii U.

And despite losing a lot of support from Electronic Arts, Nintendo still has ties with Activision and Capcom, as evidenced by the announcement of Monster Hunter Frontier G for the Wii U.

Originally, Monster Hunter Frontier G launched for the Xbox 360 and PC, to very little fanfare. However, given the huge popularity of Sony and Nintendo over in Japan, it's likely that the game's release on the PS3 and Wii U could spark some pretty big sales and interest from the gaming community.

Capcom also has Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS, which was originally delayed due to the poor sales of Resident Evil 6. Now that the atrocity that was RE6 done and over with, there's a small bit of faith restored in the Capcom brand and Monster Hunter 4 isn't subject to the same kind of community disdain.

Nintendo Enthusiast noted that MH Frontier G would also receive some special packs as well, stating...
PS3 and Wii U will both be receiving a “Beginner’s Pack”, priced at 6,090 yen. There will also be a free downloadable version. Moreover, the game content is identical to the previous release.

The site goes on to explain that this will also tie in with Nintendo's new NFC or near-field communication accessibility options that will allow users to access premium-content for the Wii U without actually having to use the Wii U. So technically, you could use a secure account and purchase DLC or digital goods for a Wii U game from your smartphone or your PC while at work or school. Pretty cool, eh?

No word yet on if Monster Hunter Frontier G will arrive stateside for the Wii U and PS3.

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