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NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros., Entertainment sent out word that they have big plans for Mortal Kombat X and that includes releasing four brand new DLC characters, along with new environments, skins and more.

The announcement was made earlier today where it was revealed on sites like Eurogamer that the game would have four new characters released throughout the first half of 2016. These characters would be accompanied by a brand new environment for players to battle in, as well as brand new skins for some of the characters already on the roster. I imagine they've exhausted their skins for Sub-Zero and Scorpion at this point and will likely move on to other characters.

New skins for characters like Kano, Raiden, D'Vorah and Kotal Khan would be pretty cool. It almost feels like some of the characters were forgotten on the roster after being thrown out there. But with an all new season of DLC on the way maybe NetherRealm will pay a little love to some of the underutilized characters in the game.

As for the four brand new characters set to arrive in Mortal Kombat X I have no idea who they are. Some people are already speculating that it's the characters already featured in the game, including Rain, Baraka and Sindel. Looking at the first character in the image definitely seems to have the outline of Baraka's wristblades. The getup definitely seems to have a Baraka vibe to it based on the silhouette.

As for Sindel... well the fuzzy hair definitely gives away the possibility of it being Sindel. The second character from the left could easily be Sindel. She was already in Mortal Kombat X but you couldn't play as her. Could she be the new DLC? I suppose so but that would be a little anti-climatic. It would have been better if the character was just unlockable by playing the game and then they could save the character slot for someone not already in the game.

The third character from the left is hinted at being Rain. That would also make sense given the outline of the silhouette. However, just like with Sindel we have Rain fitting into the category of a character already in Mortal Kombat X and some people even managed to find a way to play as Rain, Sindel and Baraka in the game by modifying the game's files. It would be equally anti-climatic if the DLC characters were characters you can already unlock in the game. At that point you would be paying to unlock disc-locked content. I honestly can't imagine that going over well.

The final character is a complete mystery. It looks like someone wearing rolled up sleeves. I have no idea what the character could be or who they are. It could be Arnold as a Terminator for all we know, which actually wouldn't be that bad. Arnold will be playable in the upcoming WWE 2K16 as a DLC character. So it wouldn't be too far fetched that he would make an appearance in Mortal Kombat X.

Additionally, it would be crazy cool to have the Predator fighting the Terminator. It's unlikely to happen but one can dream.

I'm still holding out a small piece of hope that Spawn will make it into the game at some point. How cool would that be?