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The evil sorcerer Quan Chi is officially making his return to the battlefield in Mortal Kombat X. The video features three minutes of Quan Chi gameplay where we get to see the warlock unleashing some dangerous tricks from his bag.

Executive producer Shaun Himmerick walks gamers through the latest trailer, detailing how Quan Chi can utilize his three different fighting styles to beat the mess out of opponents either at a distance or at an even farther distance.

Most of Quan Chi's attacks keep him just out of harm's way while also being able to keep his opponents off balance with some off-center combo attacks and mid-field portal manipulation. His three variations include Warlock, Summoner and Sorcerer.

Warlock is all about those aforementioned portals. This allows Quan Chi to teleport his attacks through various parts of the play-field and attack opponents where they least expect it. I imagine this could be a very popular method of play in the FGC tournament scene because it would require a lot of patience, timing and intuition on the part of the opponent to counter-attack those moves.

The second variation is called Summoner. This variation enables players to summon Netherrealm creatures to the battlefield – in this particular case, it's a Netherrealm bat. I don't really understand why it's a bat, but maybe I missed something somewhere. A bag of bones or a skeletal warrior seems like that would make more sense, but I'm sure NetherRealm Studios knows exactly what they're doing; so I guess we'll just have to sit back and see how it all turns out.

The last variation is a Sorcerer. This is a really unique kind of variation insofar that it seems to literally focus on the disablement of mobility and forcing opponents to stay grounded. This specific variation seems like it would be a good fit for going against opponents who are light on their feet and manage to get around the play arena rather quickly.

We also get to see just a bit of Quan Chi's x-ray attacks along with his finishing move. I don't think his x-rays are as cool as some of the other characters, but oh man does his finisher look absolutely brutal. The guy slowly pulling opponents into that blade is just vicious.

It's also weird because back in the day Mortal Kombat was popular with kids growing up, but this newest game is pretty visually grotesque... and I just wonder, will this still be something that attracts the young kids? The graphics have been upgraded to represent a very detailed and undeniably visceral exchange of violent acts... so it just kind of makes you wonder.

You can look for Mortal Kombat X beginning April 14th, in 2015 next year. The game will, unfortunately, be cross-generational. That means that the game will be releasing on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PS4. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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