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For a pathetically long time, Nintendo fans have been pining for the stateside release of Japan-only GBA classic Mother 3. Nintendo has crushed their dreams yet again, however, when Stephen Totilo from MTV's Multiplayer Blog interviewed Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

"I’m a big Mother fan. Huge Mother fan. I would love to see Mother localized in our market," Reggie told MTV. "In fact, I’ve talked to Mr. Iwata (the president of Nintendo) about it because this is a game he has some history with. [pauses] But it is not on our announcement schedule."

While saying that the game isn't on the announcement schedule may sound like a release could be possible, Fils-Aime went on to put further doubt on the idea that a North American release could happen. "...just because I’m the president of NOA doesn’t mean that every game that I love gets published in our territory. We run a business," Reggie continued. "And so, in order for a title to be published, the development, localization, launch, volume, all needs to make economic sense."

There you have it, folks. Unless fans can convince the top dogs at Nintendo that a western release of Mother 3 makes "economic sense," we'll have to stay motherless. Luckily for you, Mother 3 has such great fans that they've already created their own fantastic english translated version! That will have to tide you over for now.

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