A pair of mysterious promotional videos have recently surfaced, both harkening back to the highly successful “For Michael” PlayStation 3 ad and both touting an Oct. 23 final reveal date. Thankfully, that means we only have a few days of torturous waiting before we can find out what, exactly, these short clips have been leading up to.

Last year, Sony launched a “For Michael” advertising campaign that features a pub located in the middle of the woods where dozens of famous video game characters were all taking a load off. The hook, of course, was that several of those character left the bar and decided to have themselves a throwdown, leading up to the official PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announcement. That's definitely not the story of the game, but it was meant to get gamers thinking about how cool it was to see all of those characters in a single place long before Sony's upcoming brawler was actually announced.

Now Sony is at it again, this time releasing two extremely short teasers for...well, we have no idea what they are for. The woman working the register in the For Michael trailer returns in both of these clips, however, leading us to assume they are somehow connected. Also, both clips have references to several games that feature characters in Battle Royale so chances are pretty dang solid that we're looking at something related to that game.

First up is the “Reload” video.

The only thing we really have to go on here is the sound of someone approaching and electricity sizzling in the air. That sounds a lot like inFamous's Cole MacGrath to me. Next up, we take a gander at “The Arrival.”

The alley/truck in this video looks exactly like the ones from Uncharted 3 when Nathan Drake and his friends were infiltrating the London underground. It even looks like Drake driving the truck near the end. Also, folks with far more time on their hands than I have have discovered that the language being used on the lady's typewriter is from the Ratchet and Clank series.

So, yes, it's a pretty safe bet that the Oct. 23 announcement will be PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale related. Despite statements from the developer to the contrary, I've got my fingers crossed on just one more character reveal leading into the game's Nov. 20 release date. I would absolutely lose my mind if the final trailer features a first-person view of a bunch of PlayStation characters trying to wake someone up, then spinning around and panning back to reveal the Crash Bandicoot television mascot from back in the 90's. A boy can dream, right?

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