Activision and Eutechnyx, the company behind many popular racing titles including previous NASCAR outings and the current online racing title Auto Club Revolution, have announced that they will be unleashing a new racing title this fall for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii called NASCAR: The Game Inside Line.

Dave Thompson, Executive Producer at Eutechnyx commented in the press release about the upcoming game, saying...
“We set out to reinvent NASCAR gaming last year with NASCAR The Game 2011 – and we’re very proud of it. With our continued enhancements to that game, and our very passionate fans helping guide us, we have an amazing platform to go to the next level with NASCAR The Game: Inside Line,” ... “We’ve added a new in-depth career mode and robust online features that include realistic race weekends, and now aspiring drivers can rise up through the ranks, attract sponsors, and upgrade their car’s components in the quest to be the Sprint Cup Series Champion.”

It's like NASCAR games are slowly being turned into a motorized RPG with every annual iteration churned out. That's certainly not a bad thing for racing enthusiasts, as one of the bigger highlights of both Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are the RPG-like qualities both games afford to players. So having more of these kind of advancements arrive in NASCAR games certainly wouldn't hurt with broadening the game's appeal to the racing niche.

David Oxford, Executive Vice President, Activision Publishin shared some comments about the upcoming title as well, saying...
“The collaboration between Activision and Eutechnyx produced last year’s hugely successful NASCAR game experience,” ... “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line builds on that platform and adds a number of innovative, cutting edge features that will give fans and gamers alike the chance to participate in the sport like never before.”

My only concern with this game is that the entire press release kind of circumvents the actual features of the game outside of what Eutechnyx' Dave Thompson mentions in the quoted paragraph at the top of the article. There's no bullet-point of features or a brief rundown of what's new. For most gamers stepping into this title after already purchasing the previous outing, there's not a lot else outside of the gloss-over of career mode addendums and "robust online features".

Still, there's plenty of time to learn more about the new additions to this year's NASCAR title and you can keep up to date on news and information released for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line by visiting the Official Website.

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