Yesterday we informed you about the spiritual successor to Demon Souls, called Dark Souls. Today, Namco Bandai Games has officially announced that they’ve partnered with FromSoftware to publish Armored Core V along with Dark Souls in North America and Europe, while FromSoftware will continue to publish the game in Japan.

Kenji Hisatsune president and CEO, Namco Bandai Games America…
“FromSoftware has an excellent pedigree of producing remarkable fan-favorite games that have made a huge impact and invigorated their respective categories,”. “The two upcoming games will exemplify this heritage while yet again introducing exciting new ways for gamers to experience these genres.”

The big change with Armored Core V is that the game has brand new, robust offline mode for single-players, as well as a completely revamped mech customization feature that allows players both offline and online to enjoy tactically charged gameplay. The multiplayer has also seen some major changes, with team-based battles being the new focus and the introduction of smaller mechs that can vastly alter the landscape of the battlefield.

I’m sure most of the young gamers probably don’t care too much about the news, but if they find out that there is Goku and Naruto gear in the mech creation tool then I’m pretty sure their outlook on the game would vastly change.

You can learn more about Armored Core V and Dark Souls by visiting the Official Website

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