Nearly Half Of All PS4 Owners Have Subscribed To PS Plus

With this news it appears that there are shades of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 circa 2009 for Sony. Sony's CEO, Kaz Hirai, has made it known that the electronics giant has scored pretty big with the PS4 and that half of all PlayStation 4 owners have subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Eurogamer picked up the news from an investors meeting, where Hotrod Hirai made it known that approximately half of their consumer install base for the fourth generation of PlayStation home consoles have elevated their game and dropped some clean dollar bills to pay-to-play online, as well as receive some free nookie in the form of $0 games every single month.

Paraphrasing for Kaz, Eurogamer wrote that...

“Sony has shifted more than 7 million PS4 consoles so far, meaning that 3.5 million owners have a subscription.”

Gamers are apparently in love with Sony's new services; despite having to pay for multiplayer access for games, a lot of gamers have bit the bullet and bought into the bureaucratic speech about maintaining service fees for the new and improved PlayStation Network.

Sony has done somewhat of a superb job of one-upping Microsoft at a game that they used to play about as well as Tiger Woods used to play the escort field... until his wife caught him cheating at the game.

In the case of PSN versus Xbox Live... we've seen Sony offer more content for a cheaper price: you can't beat free games every month.

We also saw them ramp up their service acquisition content and membership benefits, as well as treating quite well gamers who weren't dumping money into the service. You can still access all the ancillary apps for free and you can watch, stream and upload video content without having to pay a dime for it.

Sony's step up to current-day network trends and social software interaction eventually ran circles around Microsoft like Marvel runs circles around DC when it comes to casting appropriate thespians for appropriate roles.

Eurogamer further noted that...

“Sony is now confident that the PS4 is "likely" to exceed the profits earned by its world-conquering PS2, thanks to the new platform's strong hardware sales and digital services.”

We'll only be able to tell exactly how well the momentum of the PS4 will hold up when the April and May NPD results come in. Will the system be able to maintain sales momentum through the summer, especially against a $399 Xbox One? And will the lack of big AAA titles throughout the summer even out the sales momentum between the PS4 and the Wii U?

A lot of that summer momentum will depend on what Sony announces at E3 this year, and what they have planned to flesh out the fall season, beyond their new IP The Order: 1886.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.