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The Call of Duty series may be gunning for the stars in its next outing, as reports are rolling in that the upcoming game in the storied FPS franchise will be set in space. And we’re not just talking a mission or two here, but straight-up war of the future, sci-fi combat.

Following all sorts of rumors that Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty would have a sci-fi setting, Eurogamer is reporting that, according to one of their industry sources by the name of Shinobi, we could be looking at a game more akin to Halo or Killzone than what we’ve seen in previous Call of Duty titles.

According to Shinobi, run-and-gunners can expect three simple things out of the next Call of Duty. When asked about the setting of the game, Shinobi simply stated “very far future,” “space combat,” and “full-on sci-fi.”

Despite the credibility of the sources, however, we’re still chalking this one up as a rumor until Infinity Ward steps out on stage and shows off a bunch of soldiers fighting with laser weapons. It’s entirely possible that Call of Duty is heading into orbit, but we prefer to hear something official before shouting it from the mountaintops.

Unlike many rumors buzzing through the game-o-sphere, though, this one at least makes a heck of a lot of sense. The Call of Duty series can be seen as something of a modern history on warfare, with more recent entries pushing ever-so-slightly into the future. The series has gone from World War to Modern Warfare and, in its most recent entries, we’ve journeyed into the coming years where soldiers are equipped with off-the-wall weapons and sci-fi gadgets.

In other words, why wouldn’t they go all in with this next game and set it in a period so are into the future that the sky (or galaxy) is literally the limit? Rather than worry about making things realistic, they could let their imaginations run wild with this next Call of Duty.

All we know so far, for sure, is that Infinity Ward’s next entry in the series is due out this fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and, assuming they stick to tradition, that likely means a November release.

It’s certainly interesting watching these trends unfold. When the FPS genre first really started gaining steam, all of these games were set around the WWII era. Folks started getting tired of shooting Nazis, so the games suddenly made the shift to more modern warfare. In recent years, the location of choice has been the near future. Nowadays, it seems like sci-fi is going to reign for a while. Here’s hoping Call of Duty’s trip to space is a good one.