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The UFC Undisputed 2010 development team announced that they're about to submit a patch to Sony and Microsoft for approval. If the testing process goes smoothly, it could go live on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in October.

A dev post on the Undisputed forums admits that the patch has taken longer to create than expected. On the plus side, it brings some pretty significant changes. Here's the list of planned alterations for the patch.


  • Adds Fighter Stats screen to the Online Fighter Select menu which allows users to view the statistics of the opponent's fighter before proceeding to the match.  The Fighter Select menu mimics the UFC 2009 menu flow.
  • Fixes the issue which causes Online fights end during the second round or later due to a network error message.
  • Fixes an issue which occasionally causes individual player online records to reset on the leaderboard under certain network conditions.
  • The text "UFC " is replaced with “Month” in the monthly ranked leaderboard header.
  • Outdated Online Ticker messages will be purged each time the game is booted so that only new messages are displayed.
  • Career CAF's which contain Attribute points that exceed the maximum limit for the weight division will no longer desynch during Online matches.
  • The Connect Quality search options have been revised to be more clear.  The options have been changed from "Off/Have Priority" to "Any/Best".
  • Implements a client fix which allows for permanent Ranked leaderboard resets.  Old data will no longer reappear on the leaderboards after the reset.
  • The Connect Quality display will now only show zero bars when the connection quality cannot be obtained.  Players with very poor connections will now be displayed with one red bar instead of zero bars.
  • Reduces the amount of hitching which occurs during matches encountering lag.
  • Quick Match will now automatically resume searching if the client fails to successfully join the first match found.
  • Reduces the loading times when viewing Ranked leaderboards using gamer profiles with large friend lists.
  • On the PS3, the TUF fighters will now be available in the Fighter Select menu.
  • Removes the association between the DLC ON/OFF option and the TUF fighters.  Players will be able to join matches regardless of whether the opponent has the TUF fighters.


  • Fixes an issue where the Camp name is not displayed in the leaderboard correctly.
  • Fixes multiple issues where incorrect data appeared in the Camp Player and Camp Friends leaderboards.


  • Fixes a rare issue which causes fighters who changed weight divisions to be incorrectly matched against opponents in the previous weight division.
  • Increases Career Auto-Sparring rewards so that they are more balanced with Manual-Sparring Rewards.
  • Reduces the frequency of Rachelle emails in Career mode.
  • Fixes an issue where occasionally both fighters are awarded the same score, but one fighter receives a unanimous decision.
  • Fixes a rare issue which causes a WFA fighter to appear instead of a UFC fighter in the Coming Out of Retirement email.


  • Fixes an issue causing fighters to occasionally become frozen during transitions in the MT clinch.
  • Balances Ground Grappling Reversals to reduce the ease of reversing opponents.
  • Punches from Side Control will no longer be able to initiate a fight-ending state.  Knees may still end the fight from Side Control.
  • Camera shake will occur during charged submissions so that opponents can see that the submission is charging.
  • CAF's will be announced as an "MMA Fighter" instead of "Street Fighter" or "Boxer" at the start of the match.

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