The art of slicing and dicing returns to the PlayStation Vita as Ninja Theory's Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus silently leaps onto Sony's latest handheld. One thing we know for sure: There will be blood.

The original Ninja Gaiden Sigma hit the PS Vita as a launch title almost exactly one year ago. Last month, PlayStation Plus subscribers were gifted with a free copy of the game as part of the Instant Game Collection, priming everyone for the impending release of the sequel. Well, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus is now here and the team at Ninja Theory are promising it is “faster, bloodier and more beautiful than ever before.”

Series hero Ryu Hayabusa has returned for yet another blood-soaked adventure, this time on a quest to keep a group of no-good meddlers from resurrecting the Archfiend. This quest will take Ryu from Japan to New York, and you better believe there will be a ridiculous amount of carnage along the way. And rather than fighting alone, this time Ryu will gain the support of Momiji, Ayane, Rachel and Sonia, along with their own unique weapons and abilities, in order to overcome his greatest challenges yet.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus takes everything gamers love about the Ninja Gaiden franchise and packs it into a spectacular new handheld adventure for the PlayStation Vita,” said Tecmo Koei America SVP and GM, Amos Ip. “New modes like the frantic Ninja Race [seen above] and the single player co-op Tag Missions keep the game fresh, the roster of player characters and enemies is unmatched and the action lights up the screen with phenomenal visuals that rival anything you'd see on console.”

Look for it today in stores and on the PlayStation Network for $39.99.

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