Nintendo 3DS Crushes Microsoft And Sony In Sales While Wii U Struggles

The NPD stats for physical hardware and software sales for June in the great North America have been released and the numbers are looking awfully good... for the Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U is still struggling and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are basically being dragged along like skid-marks behind a Nintendo muscle car of sales.

According to the recent NPD numbers, the Nintendo 3DS moved a massive 225,000 SKUs, with noting that a lot of it had to do with the great shift in software. With Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently releasing for the Nintendo handheld, it helped bolster sales and boost prestige for the portable powerhouse and keep both Sony and Microsoft in Nintendo's rear-view mirror. New Leaf moved more than 505,000 units while Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D did 108,000 units and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon did 115,000 unit sell-throughs in June.

Additionally, the Xbox 360 managed to move an anorexic figure of 140,000 units according to All Things D, and Sony was so ashamed and embarrassed of the low count of PS3 SKUs being moved throughout the June month that they didn't even bother posting the numbers. Sadly, the Big 'N' was in the same boat with Sony regarding sales of the Wii U, and the shame of being out-whored by the other consoles left Nintendo cowering the Wii U hardware sales in a corner, like fresh fish bait that was used and abused in a Scandinavian prison.

One thing the big three seemed to be somewhat proud of was software sales... well, at least Nintendo and Sony were proud of the software. Sony's The Last of Us has been rocking the charts and managed more than 3.4 million units in under three weeks. It was also the top selling game of June and continues to help expand the revere-worthy pedigree of Naughty Dog.

Nintendo was also rocking the software in a huge way, as Big Daddy Reggie had mentioned in a harsh interview with the Dorito Pope, software sells hardware and that's exactly what it was doing throughout June, with their portable division seeing an 85% increase in sales revenue in year-over-year comparisons. Slap a bandage on that wound and take a lollipop because Microsoft and Sony just got served by Nintendo.

NPD analyst Liam Callahan shared some comments on the stats, saying...

“To quote Nintendo during E3, 'software sells hardware', which is evident in this month's 3DS results. Strong double-digit increases in the 3DS hardware sales were coupled with triple-digit digit increases in software for June sales. 3DS software sales momentum is building due to a steady flow of content over the past few months, leading to positive year-to-date sales results,”

Unfortunately, the good news that Nintendo was evangelizing in the world of interactive entertainment didn't quite spill over into the PC Master Race's region. Sorry guys but retail PC sales continue to slip and fall like a drunk Mickey Rourke scouring West Hollywood in the wee hours of the night. Software has dipped down to $314 million for the PC Master Race, which is 14% lower in year-over-year sales.

Gaben might be saving the PC Master Race with his digital sales but his Jedi powers just aren't strong enough to curtail the continued decline of the retail bracket.

Don't worry, though, the Steam Summer Sale will save all. It's like a good indie flick peppered in amongst all the porta-potty worthy blockbuster drudge from Hollywood. PC Master Race is fine, don't sweat it, folks.

Hopefully Nintendo can just boost up the Wii U and they're at least on the right track by chasing down all the worthwhile indie projects out there. Big Daddy Reggie also believes that the system will pick up steam once they get Pikmin 3 out there.

I've got no doubts that the Big 'N' will reel it in and pull it together for the Wii U... and that they will once again be the kings of digital entertainment once the holiday season kicks the clutch and puts it into high gear.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.