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Today Nintendo held a press conference about their upcoming 3DS handheld. They provided several details about the system and its launch.

The 3DS will launch in Japan on February 26th in Japan. It's going to be available in two colors, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black, and come with a 2GB SD card. The European and American release will follow in March.

In Japan, the 3DS will cost 25000 yen on launch. That amount is roughly equivalent to $300. Pretty steep price, considering the DS launched back in 2004 for $149.99.

Nintendo is hoping the new features of the 3DS will justify the price point. Among the features announced today were a Mii Studio that lets you create your own Mii using the system's camera, and multitasking support. A new online store will allow 3DS owners to purchase and download Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games.

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