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Nintendo Offers Original Games Via Virtual Console

When the Virtual Console was officially announced all were pretty much flabbergasted. The idea of this type of endeavor was and is still pretty much unprecedented. I doubt there were too many people sitting around saying, “A back catalog of many hundreds of games is great and all, but when are we going to get something new?” Then after the twentieth time we got stuck with some weak-sauce NES sports game, we started to hope that there would be some original content to round out the package a little bit.

Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal has dropped the bomb that we will, in fact, be getting original games for the Virtual Console. So far we only that the first games are expected to be available for download early in 2008, which if you think about it, really isn’t that far away. We also know that Nintendo has expressed a big interest in courting not just the big fellas of game production, but also members of the indie game development scene as well. Other than that, no details have been released as of yet, however Nintendo is expected to release more details in the very near future so stay tuned.

David Jaffe has recently been talking about his desire to get back to making smaller scale games...could a Jaffe game grace a Nintendo system? I seriously doubt that he would go through all that trouble of bad mouthing Sony and leaving their company altogether if he was going to continue making games for the Playstation Network -- so that makes it a 50/50 bet between Xbox Live and the Virtual Console. Lately Microsoft doesn’t seem like they want to release anything of quality for Xbox Live Arcade anyways, so a Jaffe game wouldn’t really fit in. Let's hello to the Virtual Console, Mr. Jaffe.