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Nintendo Patents Wii Football Controller

Nintendo wants to make your Madden experience a little more realistic. They've applied for a patent on a new peripheral designed for football video games.

The peripheral (revealed by Siliconera) is a soft football with a slot for a Wiimote. When you strap it to your hand and make a throwing motion, the controller detects the angle and force of your pass. The controller can also be used to play running back. It determines your speed by how fast you're jogging in place and will also track your body motion, allowing you to juke defenders.

While it's completely possible this peripheral could be used for something other than football games, why would you need to? A new Madden bundled with this would probably sell shit-tons of copies. The sales potential of this peripheral is much more clean than it is for the >horseback riding controller Nintendo patented earlier in the month.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.