Back before video games had massive budgets that publishers complained about every other week, and back before video game advertisements consisted of well paced Hollywoood-style snippets, there were ads that were trying to be hip and cool by including rap music into the mix. Yes, this was a time that most publishers would hope everyone forgot about, especially Atari, who at the time was actually considered an industry pioneer and market leader.

Patrick Scott Patterson enjoys delving into the past of nostalgic video game media, including some of the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy video ads for games back in the 80s and 90s. I'm not even sure why there was a brief obsession with rap but the real sad part about it is that I remember some of the ads, and yes, I used to think they were cool. Yikes.

You know what was real impressive, the Atari 2600 only cost $50! Wow, how times have changed. I don't even think you can buy an Atari 2600 for $50 unless you can find a dusty old one on eBay. In fact, most of the ones on eBay right now are about $100...I guess because of inflation and all.

Anyways, those ads above, terrible as they were, still hearkened back to a time when gaming felt pure and the joy and experience was encapsulated in opening up the brand game and sliding that cartridge into the bulky, unappealing looking console system. Now these days we have publishers trying to get rid of hard copy media altogether.

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