Sony’s six-week PlayStation Mobile game giveaway promotion ends this week with the final game in the gratis lineup, OMG Zombies, a sort of zombie-blasting puzzle game that has the player killing chains of the shambling dead with well-timed shots.

OMG Zombies actually released a while back as a PlayStation mini for the PSP, quickly becoming one of my favorite time wasters on the platform. Its aesthetics are torn straight from the pages of The Walking Dead presented in a black and white with the occasional flashes of color, such as blood red.

The object of the game is to kill as many zombies in a given area with a limited number of shots. The trick is that, when zombies die, it causes a chain reaction that kills other zombies that happen to be shambling nearby. If you wait for the zombies to line up properly, a single headshot can result in a massive number of kills.

The game is fleshed out with the addition of various zombie types and upgrades. One type of zombie will explode when they die, taking out a wider range of additional zombies. Some melt into a puddle of toxic goo, perfect for getting additional kills and chains as other zombies walk through the hazardous mess. Upgrades make it easier to kill the various types of zombies, meaning that some of the tougher undead require fewer bullets to kill or their deaths have greater effect on the surrounding area.

Usually going for a couple of bucks, OMG Zombies is free for one week only through the PlayStation Mobile store. The game can be played on any PlayStation-certified device, including the PlayStation Vita. The sixth free game given away in Sony’s PS Mobile promotion, hopefully gamers will remember to return to that storefront from time to time to see what other games are on offer.

For more info and images, check out the official announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

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