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12 New games... that's how you revive a console. Right? Well, if a handful of games are going to revive the Nintendo Wii U, why can't a dozen games revive the OUYA?

According to Overlord Gaming, there are 12 games planned for release on the OUYA, and each of the games will be making a debut during GDC this week, as outlined in the list below.

Fist Puncher by Team2bit
Toto Temple Deluxe by Juicy Beast
Duck Game by Landon Podbielski
That Dragon, Cancer by Ryan Green and Josh Larson
Cascade by Fayju
Reagan Gorbachev byTeam2Bit
Laza Knitez!! by Glitchnap
Neverending Nightmares by Infinitap Games
Thralled by Thralled Team
Broken Age by Double Fine
Whispering Willows by Night Light Interactive
Knight and Damsel by MK Ultra Games

All of these are indie titles, a few of which have been Kickstarted and a few of which have made waves being already on Steam, such as Team2Bit's Fist Puncher, which is actually a pretty awesome game. I kind of wish there were a few more beat 'em ups like Fist Puncher, given that it takes the basic concept of a brawler and evolves it by several magnitudes in a good way.

It's also nice to see Double Fine's Kickstarted title, Broken Age, making the jump from Steam and onto the OUYA home entertainment console.

Nevertheless, I don't think this really changes the reality that the OUYA seems more dead than the Big 'N's eighth gen console, even in the face of all the Nintendoom wheels being spent to make the Wii U look like a complete disaster.

The OUYA, by comparison, has had sales so low that the only thing you can find out about the console is the sort of “poor sales” editorials detailing how the game console's install base is negatively impacting the potential of the software sales, as outlined by Edge Online.

Most surprising for me is that the console is still alive and kicking and still getting games to begin with. However, some games are better than no games, and some presence in the video game marketplace is better than not being there at all. If for nothing else, at least the OUYA gives the other consoles a reason to look more prestigious by comparison.

If you're interested in seeing how the games above play out on the little OUYA that could, you can check out booth 316 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California this week. For more information on the OUYA, feel free to pay a kind visit to the console's official website... heck, if it manages to convince you to buy one, you just might be helping in contributing some funds to a worthy tombstone.

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