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In case you’re planning on upgrading your gaming PC in order to support the Oculus VR headset, you might want to check out some recent deals revealed through the Oculus blog, offering Oculus-ready PC bundles for pre-order starting next week.

When Oculus announced that its headset would set gamers back a solid $600, quite a few folks experienced a bit of sticker shock. That’s a pretty penny to spend on emergent technology, no matter how you look at it. And that’s just for the Oculus alone, with no games or, you know, the hardware to actually run the thing.

But fear not, as the Oculus blog has you covered with some bundles that will save you a bit of money.

One of the tricky parts about the Oculus headset is that you’ll still need a rig that’s beefy enough to run it. Since not everybody upgrades their computer every couple of years, that means there are quite a few folks who are eager to jump into the VR arena that will also need to fork over some dough on a new gaming PC.

Next week, Oculus-ready PCs from ASUS, Alienware and Dell will be made available in pre-order bundles, including the Oculus Rift headset itself, as well as machines that have been tested and proven ready to roll with the new hardware.

These pre-orders will go live on Feb. 16 at 8 a.m. so, if you were planning on going whole hog with this whole VR thing, it might be worth your time, attention and hard-earned dollars to check out. Even cooler is the fact that you’ll be given some freedom as a consumer when it comes to making your pre-order, as these deals will be available through Best Buy, Amazon and the Microsoft Store.

The cost, though, might still be a bit of a shocker for folks who are used to shelling out 500-odd smackers for a next-gen console and a game or two. These bundles start at $1,499 and work their way up from there so, again, you’ve got to be taking VR pretty seriously if you’re looking to play ball this early in the game.

Along with the rig and Oculus, these bundles include the sensor, a remote, an Xbox One controller, as well as copies of EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and Lucky’s Tale!.

As for when you’ll actually get your hands on these bad boys, shipping is set to begin in April.

So now we’re even more curious about what Sony’s next move will be concerning its own headset, the PlayStation VR. They’ve made it clear that there are oodles of games currently in development for the thing, but still no price point. It will be interesting to make a final comparison of a PlayStation 4 console with the PS VR in comparison to some of these Oculus PC bundles.