This morning Just Add Water revealed the second screenshot for their high-definition remake of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. In the shot, everyone's favorite Mudokon is up to his usual tricks.

Oddyssee stars a lowly janitor named Abe who sets out to free his race from the evil Rupture Farms. However, he's not a strong man by any means. He's just a lanky dude in a loincloth. How does he take on a corporation all by himself, then?

Abe can sneak by enemies if he's quick enough but that won't work in this particular situation because he needs to save his fellow Mudokon. The ideal thing here is probably to possess the Slig (the heavily armed guard) below him. After he's done that, he can either cause the Slig to kill himself or use him to gun down other enemies. Abe needs to make sure that he's in a safe place when he performs a possession, though, because he's helpless to enemy attacks while he does it.

The game also allows Abe to communicate with other characters. For example, they can issue orders to other Mudokons to guide them to safety. Or, in this case, they can possess a Slig and then make that Slig issue commands to its attack dogs or comrades.

That's just a taste of the unusual mechanics at the heart of Oddyssee. Fans of puzzle platformers like Braid or The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom should enjoy this one a lot.

If you missed the first screenshot, check it out here.

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