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For most organisms on this planet, light is a source of life. For the hero of One Upon Light, though, it serves as a fast route to destruction. Find out how good you are at sticking to shadows when this indie game launches for the PlayStation 4 this fall.

Part puzzler, part mystery game, One Upon Light is a unique little offering coming to the PS4 from SUTD Game Lab, a group of developers working out of the Singapore University of Technology. As you might expect out of such a group of nerds (said with love, of course), the game’s name is actually a reference to a math equation.

Lead Programmer Chuah Chong Yunn dropped by the PlayStation Blog today to introduce readers to the upcoming title, as well as explain its very peculiar moniker. Originally called Dying Light, the developers had to come up with a new title once a zombie survival game bearing the same name surfaced. They ended up turning to an equation that portrays the number one settled upon the word “light.” If you’re nerdy enough, you’ll know that that also reads “Light” raised to the power of -1 or, more simply, the inverse of light.

And what’s the inverse of light, kiddos? That’s right…Darkness. And darkness is your only friend in this intriguing game about science gone horribly wrong.

In One Upon Light, you take on the role of a scientist who wakes up in a massive lab, all alone, and suddenly extremely sensitive to light. So sensitive, in fact, that prolonged exposure will actually kill the guy. Figuring out what happened to your light-sensitive scientist, as well as his collegues, is part of the reason you’ll want to make your way through the massive laboratory. Also, who wants to be stuck in a lab forever?

The problem is, there are lights all over the place, displayed in a monochromatic fashion that’s reminiscent of, say, Limbo. The gameplay is also reminiscent of yet another indie darling, The Swapper, meaning that you’ll have to use the ole noodle if you plan on navigating the world and manipulating moving bits and baubles in order to make it from Point A to Point B without getting scorched.

“Navigate rooms and corridors while avoiding lights, making use of objects to create shadows that form a safe path,” Yunn said. “Levels get harder and more complex as you progress through the game; you will soon find that not only do you have to figure out the solution; you also need to have the dexterity to time your actions perfectly! The greater the challenge, the sweeter the sense of satisfaction – that’s what we want our players to experience.”

Look for One Upon Light to arrive on PS4 early next year.

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