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It looks like One Piece: Burning Blood finally has a launch date here in North America, as well as a list of new characters being introduced in the game. Get ready to brawl pirate-style on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

Bandai Namco sent out a press release earlier today confirming that One Piece: Burning Blood will hit stores in the Americas on May 31, meaning you Shonen Jump fans in need of a fighting game fix only have a few more months to wait before Luffy and the gang arrive on your home and portable consoles of choice…So long as those aren’t Nintendo consoles, I suppose.

While loads of information about Burning Blood can be found on the official website, Bandai Namco let loose some additional details in today’s announcement, including a list of nine new characters being added to the game.

-Edward Newgate, AKA “Whitebeard”
-Luffy (Before two-year time skip)
-Nico Robin
-Boa Hancock

Those characters will be included for all of the game modes, including the new Paramount War mode, which is a story-based campaign that lets players relive the Marineford Arc pulled directly from the manga and anime series.

At its core, One Piece: Burning Blood is an arena-style fighting game that lets you pick your favorite series hero (or villain) and duke it out across colorful maps pulled straight from the beloved series.

And this is just the latest in a long line of Shonen games hitting consoles this past year. Dragon Ball fans were treated to the MMO-esque Xenoverse in 2015, while 3DS gamers got their hands on the 2D fighter, Extreme Butoden. And along with the usual stream of Naruto games, One Piece has been well represented by the likes of its Dynasty Warriors-flavored brawler, Pirate Warriors. And let’s not forget about J-Stars Victory VS, which crammed oodles of characters from manga and anime into a single tag-team fighting romp.

As a reminder for the PC crowd, your version of Burning Blood will arrive in June. Also, pre-orders of the game will enhance your roster even further, including Aero Luffy, Kung Fu Luffy and Fourth Gear Luffy as additional characters.

The game looks pretty great in action, boasting graphics that stray a bit from the anime and look a bit more like a colorized version of the manga. Burning Blood boasts a healthy roster, too, with everybody’s signature moves being played out to great effect with over-the-top animations.

Now all you One Piece fans have left to do is wait patiently for that May 31 launch date to arrive.